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carbon fiber
  Raw material
Titanium bar(Surface :polish)
unalloyed titanium bar(ASTM Grade 2)
titanium alloy bar
    designation ASTM GRADE5(Ti6Al-4V)
diamerter 2mm to 200mm diameter 2mm to 200mm
length 300mm to 3000mm length 300mm to 3000mm
Titanium tubing(100% seamless)
unalloyed titanium tubing(ASTM Grade 2)
titanium alloy tubing(ASTM Grade 9:Ti3Al-2.5V)
wall thickness 0.75mm to 4.5mm wall thickness 0.75mm to 4.5mm
diamerter 3mm to 110mm diameter 2mm to 200mm
length 500mm to 6000mm length 300mm to 3000mm
Titanium strip(unalloyed titanium ASTM grade 2)
thickness 0.03mm to 0.80mm
width 50mm to 400mm
length 500mm to 1000mm
Titanium wire
unalloyed titanium wire(Grade 2)
titanium alloy wire(Grade 9:Ti3Al-2.5V,Grade 5:Ti6Al-4V)
diamerter 0.1mm to 6.0mm diameter 0.1mm to 6.0mm
Titanium plate
unalloyed titanium plate(ASTM Grade 2)
titanium alloy plate(ASTM Grade 5:Ti6Al-4V)
thickness 0.3mm to 30mm thickness 0.3mm to 30mm
width 400mm to 1000mm width 400mm to 1000mm
length 1000mm to 3000mm length 1000mm to 3000mm

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